You are in command of a Type VII U-Boat hunting convoys at night during WWII. In this retro submarine arcade game, your mission is to sink as many ships as possible within a given time duration.

Night Raider contains 8 different types of ship targets. These include a submerging Submarine, Cargo, Tanker, Carrier, Destroyer, Cruiser, Battleship and PT Boat. All warship targets are modeled after real WWII British warships, including the famed "Vosper" PT Boat. Each ship type moves at a different speed and is worth a different point value. Some ships require multiple hits to sink them. Avoid hitting floating mines, while aiming your torpedoes at the ships.

Hit the periodically appearing "Night Ghost" for a mystery score that varies with each successful hit.

Touch screen control of torpedo launches. A single touch on the screen, both aims and launches a torpedo simultaneously. Your U-Boat has 4 torpedo tubes. There is a short reload delay after every 4 shots.

Night Raider has a late 1970's feel blended with updated, more advanced graphics, stereo sound effects and music. Explosions resemble old electro-mechanical flashes on the screen. Stylized Orange-Yellow "Flame" color-cycling is seen when ships are hit indicating target is on fire. Ships actually sink and disappear under the surface of the ocean in a semi-realistic manner. View through periscope shows a semi-realistic, vertical movement of the ocean and sky backdrop artwork.

Lightning flashes and thunder cracks are both seen and heard during game play. Twinkling stars in the night sky and animated "ocean wave" water lines add to the visual look of this 70's inspired arcade game.

Game music disable feature, in the Options Menu, allows you to listen to your own music with the iPod Player while you play the game.

Night Raider is all about that classic 70's feel, with historically accurate ship profiles and a cool night attack environment.

Night Raider HD is for iPad, iPad2, iPad3, iPad4 and iPad Mini!

Night Raider for the iPhone and iPod touch supports the Retina Display 960 x 640 resolution on 4th and 5th generation devices. On 3rd generation devices it will run in the standard 480 x 320 resolution. 1st and 2nd generation devices are NOT supported (which includes the 3rd generation iPod touch 8GB model, which has 2nd generation hardware in it).

*Compatible with iPhone 5 / 4S / 4 / 3GS and iPod touch 4th / 3rd generation.