GOOCHIE BIRDS - Flappy Fun in a Candy Coated World of Sweetness!

Fly cute birds through delicious candy twist pops, in a world full of icing, cake and colored candy balls. Watch as the birds comically bounce off the pops and candy balls when they get knocked out of the air.

Earn cool GOOCHIE FLIGHT BADGES while you play! Collect all six badges and show them off to your friends, in the badge collection screen!

Enjoy Single Player and Two Player simultaneous game play! In Two Player mode, you and a friend play together, on a single device, as a team! Player One taps the right half of the screen, while Player Two taps the left half of the screen. Both birds must make it through the twist pops together, to keep the game going!

HIGH RESOLUTION RETINA GRAPHICS on both iPad and iPhone! Excellent "Tap to Flap" flying physics, for smooth and responsive wing flapping and flying. Tight, precise collision detection for accurate flying.

Game Center Leaderboards provided for Single Player and Two Player modes!

The GOOCHIE Badges are awesome, and include a special set of three badges with sparkling DIAMONDS! Become a GOOCHIE BIRD ACE and win all three Diamond Awards!


Bronze - 10 points
Silver - 30 points
Gold - 50 points


Silver - 70 points
Gold - 90 points
Platinum - 110 points